We’re actually pretty easy to understand. We’re people like you who want to exercise, but also like to have fun. Lots of fun. So instead of stairclimbers and weight machines, we decided to create a place where you can soar in open jump arenas, dive into pools of soft foam cubes, play trampoline dodgeball, do flips and somersaults. We also wanted a new alternative for birthday parties and family gatherings, where quality food and private party rooms were guaranteed, and our kids could safely play while we socialized with other parents.

At ROCKIN’ JUMP you get the exercise you need and lots of laughs along the way. It was the vision of two families and after our first opening in Dublin in 2011 it quickly become one of Tri-Valley’s most popular recreation and fitness destinations. Now, with our location in San Carlos, we’ve brought the same energetic fun to the SF Bay Peninsula. We are open daily and offer special activities of all kinds. There’s even a gourmet café where you can refresh yourself with comfort food, drinks, healthy snacks and barista coffees.

Everything about us is dedicated to Safe. Clean. Fun.™